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High School students in a classroom

If you would like more information about how you can provide your son with a unique, international, and all-boys' educational experience, please feel free to contact us today.

St. Mary's International School
1-6-19 Seta
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-8668

Tel: 81-3-3709-3411
Fax: 81-3-3707-1950

Emergency: 81-3-3709-3416

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Mr. Saburo Kagei

Elementary School Principal
Mr. Michael DiMuzio

Elementary Assistant Principal
Mr. Stephen Tierney

Middle School Principal
Mr. James Langholz

High School Principal
Mr. Simon Faulkner

High School Assistant Principal/Director of Teaching and Learning
Mr. Dan Sharp

Elementary School Counselor
Ms. Julie Gordon

Middle School Counselor
Mr. Kris Thiesen

High School Counselors
Ms. Marie Kobayashi
Ms. Janel Callon

International Baccalaureate Program Coordinator
Mr. Cris Copping

Business Manager
Mr. Koji Shimomura

Admissions Officer
Mrs. Bedos Santos

Accounting Office
Mrs. Eriko Kitano
Mrs. Yumi Shimokawa
Mrs. Sachiko Tarumi

Bus Coordinator
Ms. Akiko Uchiyama