St. Mary's International School seeks students from the international community who will benefit from its college-preparatory curriculum. Students are admitted on the basis of transcripts from previous schools, standardized test results, and a personal interview with the prospective student and parents. A screening test is part of the admissions process. Students are admitted without regard to race, creed, or national origin.

Tuition and other fees may be found here. Applications are welcome any time, and parents and prospective students are encouraged to visit the school.

If you are interested in providing your son with a unique educational experience in an international and all-boys' environment, please find the admissions forms here. Your inquiry is the first step towards providing your child with an enriching and challenging educational experience.

Application Fee required

An Application Fee of ¥20,000 is required with each application. The Application Fee may be paid by credit card here. Information about Tuition and other fees may be found here.

For answers to your questions, please contact us at

Summary of admissions procedures.