Athletic Forms

St. Mary's Athletics Sign-up Form

Below is a list of forms that need to be completed if participating in a sport at St. Mary's:

  1. St. Mary's Athletics sign-up form

    Required for all students participating in St. Mary's athletics and must be filled out online.

  2. Liability waiver form for athletes

    Required of all athletes in HS Tennis, MS/HS Cross Country, HS Basketball, MS/HS Wrestling, HS Baseball, and MS/HS Track.

  3. Absence notification form

    To be filled out and submitted to teachers if an athlete will be absent for an entire day due to competitions.

  4. Trip permission form

    To be completed if traveling and staying overnight for sporting events.

Military Base Security Clearance Form for Parents, Staff and Supporters of the Titans

Please fill out this online form to obtain clearance for entry to military bases. Base clearance procedure requires information to be submitted 2 weeks in advance of actual date of event.