St. Mary's Association

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year

Welcome to all new families, and welcome back to all returning families! I hope you had a restful summer and are ready for a new exciting year at St. Mary's.

The St. Mary's Association (SMA) is the school's parent association, and the main purpose of the SMA is to promote community spirit and raise funds for programs that enrich our sons' education. This is accomplished through volunteer participation. We invite and encourage your participation in the activities organized and coordinated by the SMA board members.

SMA Board Members

  • Advisor: Saburo Kagei
  • President: Caterina Tanaka
  • Vice President: Christine Bagui
  • Secretary: Rika Atobe
  • Treasurer: Yoko Furudera
  • Assistant Treasurer: Mamiko Hill
  • Nominations: Carmen Goff
  • Bingo Chairperson: Takako Kuo
  • Bingo Co-Chairperson: Misook Asai
  • Carnival Chairperson: Keiko Sonoda
  • Carnival Co-Chairperson: Angela Long
  • Donations Chairperson: TBD
  • Donations Co-Chairperson: TBD
  • Hospitality Chairperson: Yoshiko Silong
  • Hospitality Co-Chairperson: Mineko Inoue
  • International Ball Chairperson: TBD
  • International Ball Co-Chairperson: Naoko Tanaka
  • Japanese Speaking Support Group Chairperson: Moemi Matsubayashi
  • Japanese Speaking Support Group Co-Chairperson: Kayoko Pang
  • Newsletter Editor: Carmen Goff
  • Publicity Chairperson: Pritham Tanno
  • Publicity Co-Chairperson: TBD
  • Raffle Chairperson: Kaoru Shimoyachi
  • Raffle Co-Chairperson: Bunsei Tanaka
  • Recycled Uniform Chairperson: Urara Utagawa
  • Recycled Uniform Co-Chair: Kikue Saito
  • Room Parent Coordinator: Lisa Furudera
  • Room Parent Co-Coordinator: Mana Chang

Volunteer and Donation Opportunities