Information Technology

The Information Technology Department aims to prepare students for their future in an increasingly technological world. Through the use of up-to-date technical and educational resources, students gain competence and confidence in their ability to use technology to meet their educational goals. Beginning with basic computer skills in the lower elementary grades, students participate in a learning program designed to help develop increasingly refined information technology skills, including the use of the Internet. Concurrently, each new technology skill that is developed facilitates the attainment of core curricular goals, thereby enhancing the students' acquisition of knowledge in all subject areas. Throughout the program, students are encouraged and expected to use technology in a manner that builds trust and respect among people locally and globally.

We believe that students construct meaning best in Information Technology when they:

  • think critically about the ethical and moral use of technologies.
  • use technology tools to be more productive than they would have been without them.
  • apply the tools of technology directly to analyzing, designing, creating, completing and/or verifying class projects from a variety of subject areas.
  • are allowed and encouraged to explore the uses of software available and to expand their abilities through these discoveries.
  • are shown how to develop and improve technical abilities through self-directed learning.
  • are comfortable creating reports and projects using word processing, graphics, spreadsheets, presentation software, and database skills.

IT teachers agree to:

  • assist students in developing proficiency in utilizing information media and technology for communication and research.
  • ensure that all students gain basic skills of computing, such as: understanding the "what" and "how" of the equipment; keyboard skills; use of input devices such as scanners and cameras; word processing for report generating; production and application of graphics; data management; presentation of information in slideshows or videos; navigation and communication using the internet and locally within the school.
  • provide an atmosphere in which students can develop self-discipline, personal values, and accountability.
  • provide opportunities for students to apply their computer technology skills to real life situations.
  • help students access and utilize information using a variety of resources.
  • implement a student contract for ethically and socially appropriate use of technology.
  • use software and hardware to enhance curriculum programs.
  • facilitate student use of technology for research via websites, search engines, presentation software, spreadsheets, etc.

Computer Journalism (Elective)

Semester Course; Grades 7 and 8

Students will use technology to create a middle school student newspaper for online and printed publication. The goal is to produce well-written, informative and entertaining articles in a timely fashion for middle school students and their parents. Students will use computers, scanners, digital cameras and various software.