Physical Education

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Physical Education contributes to a better quality of life by helping young people create a healthy habit of engaging in purposeful physical activity. The Physical Education Department is committed to meeting the needs of all students regardless of their nationality and culture. St. Mary's promotes fitness of the mind and body. We develop a regimen focused on improvement in physical, coordination, technical, and sports capabilities, as well as stress the importance of personal hygiene, adequate nutrition, and life-long leisure time activities essential to the maintenance of good health.

We believe that students construct meaning best in Physical Education when the program:

  • promotes fitness, wellness, and a healthy attitude toward exercise.
  • contributes to a lifelong development of the whole person: physical, social, and emotional.
  • provides experiences that lead to a physically active life and long-term good health.
  • provides acquisition of skills so as to increase individual awareness of potential abilities.
  • provides attitudes of cooperation, honesty, self-control, and responsibility.
  • provides an opportunity to enhance social development through physical activities.
  • promotes respect of others through team play and dignity of self.

Teachers agree to:

  • provide a safe environment.
  • emphasize personal progress.
  • keep students active during classes.
  • teach a broad base of skills that translate into a lifetime of physical activity.
  • provide appropriate teaching progressions and repetition for mastery of skills.
  • plan lessons so that students are genuinely seen "enjoying the experience".

Interscholastic Activities

For those students who wish to pursue and excel in individual and team activities, the following sports are offered at various times throughout the year to students in Grades 7 through 12: cross country, tennis, wrestling, basketball, soccer, swimming, track and field, baseball.

Physical Education

Semester Course; Grades 7 and 8

Students will be exposed to a variety of activities designed to give them an appreciation for the physical activity options open to them. These activities will be pursued in the pool, the gymnasium, the playing field and tennis courts. The activities will include combatives (e.g. wrestling), team sports/activities (e.g. basketball), rhythms, individual sports/activities (e.g. badminton), aquatics, self-testing, stunts (dual/individual), and tumbling. Students will also be expected to gain a workable understanding of the rules governing the various games and activities. The course will be graded on a pass/fail basis and the heavy emphasis will be on an energetic conformity to the goals and rules of the class. This conformity includes the dress code in effect for all physical education classes.

Tennis (Elective)

Semester Course; Grades 7 and 8

The game of tennis will be introduced to beginners and reinforce skills already in place for the experienced players. The skills taught in this class include: grip-forehand and backhand; serve-entry level; volleys; smash; footwork; rules and etiquette of the game; scoring and strategies.