Student Support Services

Student Support Services at Middle School are provided to assist students in reaching their full developmental and academic potential. The individual needs and learning style of each boy is considered while acknowledging that boys learn at different rates and in different ways. The goal is to ensure that each student has equal access to the curriculum in a caring, supportive environment. Every student is encouraged to be a creative and critical thinker as a member of the school and the global community. Our teachers maintain a school environment that values all learners and fosters academic success. Student Support Services personnel work in collaboration to serve the whole school community.

Academic Support

St. Mary's does not have the facilities or resources to serve children who have serious learning, emotional or physical disabilities and all students are enrolled in mainstream classes. Students must be able to learn in the mainstream classes with a minimum of special assistance. Academic support classes provide mainstream curriculum reinforcement for grades 6-8. Elective writing classes are offered for any boys who needing additional reinforcement of writing skills. If students' English academic language skills are not at grade level, your son's World Language class will be replaced by English language academic support.

Language Support

Middle School teachers recognize that language is an essential tool for communication and academic excellence and, therefore, strives to provide its students with a rich, child-centered English language program. Middle School Language Support Classes aim to enable students for whom English is not their first language to overcome language-related difficulties while also supporting their academic and social development. The goal is to assist the students' full integration into the mainstream classes. Language Support Classes are offered for students in Grades 6-8. The objective of the Language Support Classes are to integrate students into mainstream classes as soon as possible.

Campus Minister

The St. Mary's Campus Minister is available for spiritual counseling to school community members of all religious denominations. As a Roman Catholic priest, he presides over school prayer services and liturgies, as well as celebrating Eucharist each weekday and Sunday with the worshipping community of St. Mary's Chapel. The Campus Minister provides sacramental preparation such as the First Communion, Confirmation, Matrimony, Reconciliation and Baptism. Spiritual assistance is also offered at non-denominational services such as memorial services and funerals. Middle School will schedule school-wide liturgies that all middle school students will attend to better understand the history and traditions of St. Mary's International School.

School Counselor

One full-time Counselor is available to help Grades 6-8 students, parents and teachers. He provides students with personal counseling and coordinate with other specialists to help with developmental and academic needs. The School Counselor is also involved in new student orientations, parenting presentations and informal discussion groups. He offers referrals and helps families coordinate with services outside of St. Mary's when the need arises.

School Nurse

The school aims to provide an environment conducive to the promotion and maintenance of good health. A full-time Nurse is available during the school day and care is provided for any health-related condition which impairs learning. The Nurse provides liaison among the school, home, community agencies, physicians and other medical personnel.