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Tammy Hays

Chris Tougas, author of Dojo Daycare, has had to cancel his trip to Japan, due to an injury. He sends his apologies and truly regrets missing out on visiting Japan for the first time. He had been very excited about meeting his fans at St. Mary’s.

From the Principal

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Michael DiMuzio

Grade 4-5 ski trip schedule for January-March 2018

January-March 2018

  • Mon., Jan. 8-Fri., Jan. 12: 5S
  • Mon., Jan. 15-Fri., Jan. 19: 5M
  • Mon., Jan. 29-Fri., Feb. 2: 5W
  • Tue., Feb. 6-Fri., Feb. 9: 4K
  • Tue., Feb. 13-Fri., Feb. 16: 4S
  • Tue., Feb. 27 1-Fri., Mar. 2: 4C