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Middle School

Welcome to St. Mary’s Middle School

A Message From the Middle School Principal

Dear Readers,

As you can imagine, excitement is building in Tokyo and across Japan as the country prepares to host the Olympics and the Paralympics during the summer of 2020. It is a rare opportunity to bring athletes together from across the globe in the spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play. Many of these games will be held in our school’s neighborhoods and surrounding areas.

As a Catholic and International School in the heart of Tokyo we hope to embody the Olympic and Paralympic values of Friendship, Respect, Excellence, Determination, Inspiration, Courage and Equality in our actions and behaviors on a daily basis. Exercising intellectual, physical and emotional muscles requires discipline, determination, and hard work which are all part of being a student at St. Mary’s International School. Along with an underlying belief that the pursuit of excellence is worth the effort involved, our school embraces the values that drives Olympic champions. This desire to be the best we can be is what drives us as a school.

Please explore our Middle School links and my Twitter account to get a better sense of what we believe and what we do as a school. It is our hope to contribute to a more peaceful world for all people with the same goals and with the same determination as the Olympic and Paralympic athletes who will be in Japan during the 2020 Games.

Better yet, schedule a visit to our school. We will be happy to show you what we do and to tell you about what we believe. A tour, and face to face meetings are the best way for you to discern whether our school would be one that would be a good match for your son and for your family.

Best wishes as you seek out educational opportunities in Tokyo.


Dr. James Langholz
Middle School Principal

Day in the Life at St. Mary's

Middle School Play

The learning environment is extended beyond the walls of the classroom and into the local and international community with the hope of building a sense of a global community.


We could not be happier watching our son learn to perfectly balance academics, sports, the fine arts, and friends in St. Mary's Middle School. To top it off, his teachers are teaching him organizational skills, which is something he was sorely lacking! There is something to be said for an all-boys school environment. —Middle School Parent (USA)

We appreciate that the school occasionally hosts presentations by the experts from various fields: scientists, book authors, entrepreneurs... The boys are inspired and sometimes find someone to look up to. My son was so honored to see Dr. Green, the chief scientist of NASA! —Middle School Parent (Japan)

We feel that St. Mary's Middle School has a place for every student to shine. Whether he's an athlete, a book worm, an artist, a tech savvy, or a scientist, he will find something he feels passionate about, and his effort will be recognized. It's great to see the boys being proud of their achievements. —Middle School Parent (USA)

My son is an only child, but thanks to the after-school programs and various student-led conferences in addition to the regular classes, he's made many friends across grade levels. They nurture the sense of comradery, which we hope will last his lifetime. —Middle School Parent (Switzerland)

In addition to the strong academic focus, there is a myriad of opportunities for the Middle School boy to explore his passion including sports, arts, music and technology. The Middle School places very high importance on discipline and holding students accountable for making good choices. —Middle School Parent

 I like my teachers in Middle School. I feel like I am learning lots and I like it. —Middle School Student

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