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Middle School

Welcome to the Middle School at St. Mary’s

As we forge into this next decade we are inspired to innovate through challenging circumstances. This presents opportunities as an educational institution preparing students to be problem solvers now and into the future. We at St. Mary’s strive to teach students to face and overcome difficulties and obstacles, building resilience along the way. Especially in the middle school years, students are willing to work towards identifying and achieving their goals as they develop into adolescents.

Our St. Mary’s strategic vision is to nurture, connect and challenge all hearts and minds. There is an emphasis on well-being, purpose, and growth in the Middle School that reflects this objective. Students are encouraged to do important and valuable things, naturally resulting in engagement and innate satisfaction. Experiences in the classroom and beyond are designed to develop relationships, push students academically, test their values as well as explore our world.

We are fortunate to have highly supportive and dedicated faculty and counselors that encourage healthy risk taking in an all-boys environment. Overwhelmingly middle schoolers participate in the vast fine arts, athletics, and other interest clubs and activities on offer. Our students create lifelong bonds and continue to build a network of global relationships beyond graduation. If this seems like a good fit for your son, we welcome your interest and application.