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Guiding Statements

St. Mary’s believes in educating the whole student which includes addressing not only academic needs, but also social and emotional ones. We also recognize that each student is unique and we value the contributions and differences of everyone.

Our counseling mission is to empower students by providing a proactive, comprehensive, and developmentally appropriate program that address students’ academic goals, help them achieve optimal personal growth, and supports their emotional needs. We do this through collaboration with students, teachers, parents and the greater community.

The school counselors believe in:

  • Providing all students access to counseling services
  • Empowering students to make thoughtful and healthy choices
  • Supporting students to advocate for their own needs
  • Helping students to solve problems in appropriate ways
  • Assisting students in developing coping skills and building resilience

Counseling Services

  • Individual counseling (personal and academic)
  • Small group counseling
  • Classroom counseling lessons
  • Consultation with parents
  • Presentations for families and faculty
  • Collaboration with teachers
  • Referrals to outside services
  • Transition programs
  • University counseling


Your confidentiality as a student is important to us. In our school counseling office, what is said here, stays here, with the following exceptions, as required by ethical standards and laws:

  1. Harm to self or others
  2. Abuse or neglect