Corporate Contribution Program

St. Mary's International School solicits contributions from parents, friends, companies and alumni to maintain the high level of its education and to update its facilities. The Corporate Contribution Program allows free attendance to be granted to the students whose foreign parents are employed by the foreign companies or organizations that participate in this program. The Japanese tax authorities exempt these donations from taxation as personal income in Japan.

The Corporate Contribution Program of St. Mary's International School is based on the Contribution Program approved for The American School in Japan by the National Tax Agency of Japan in 1978. Tohmatsu Awoki and Company served as a consultant in the development of the Contribution Program proposal and its presentation to the National Tax Agency for final approval. In subsequent oral guidance, the agency extended approval of the program to some international schools in Japan. Currently some ten schools, including St. Mary's International School, utilize the program annually.

The Donation Committee of St. Mary's International School shall decide corporate contribution requests after considering the number of expatriate employees, the size of the company, and past giving history. Contribution requests shall be made without regard to the number of children of employees of individual corporations enrolled at St. Mary's International School. Free attendance shall be granted to children of expatriate employees whose companies donate an amount equal to or more than the requested units of contribution.

Companies and organizations may participate in this Corporate Contribution Program under the following conditions:

  • Contributions are to be made in units of ¥100,000.
  • Participation should be for a two-year period.
  • Contributions made in Japan are subject to the regular contributions limitations of Japanese corporate tax law. The contribution cannot be handled as a "Shitei Kifukin" under Japanese law, but are deductible as "Ippan Kifukin" under Japanese corporate tax law.
  • A complete analysis can only be made by those most familiar with the tax status, the corporate allowance program and the organization of your company.
Those who wish to participate in this Corporate Contribution Program should call us at +81 3 3709-3411 and ask for the Development Office for details.