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Class Auction

“Going once… Going twice… SOLD!” – In class 5M this afternoon, there was an auction taking place.

Second Harvest

The Second Harvest boxes are ready for delivery. All the food Elementary boys donate will have a second life by being distributed to people in need.

ES Art Inspired by Māori Art

Inspired by Koru, an integral symbol in Māori art, G5 students are using watercolours to create dark and light variations. 

Grade 3 Science

Grade 3 boys investigate what happens to room temperature water as it warms and cools in science lesson.

Welcome to Grade 9 Orientation

In preparation for the transition from Middle School to High School, the grade 8 boys were given an orientation about High School. 

Student wearing Santa hat and earphones using iPad

Elementary students in St. Mary's took part in the Hour of Code. Students in St. Mary's start learning how to code in RP, which helps them develop 21st-century learning skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication and problem solving.

Masked students gathered around a table with a disinfectant bottle and a Team 1 sign

Twelve teams from Grades 4 and 5 participated in the Book Bowl. Congratulations to Team 1 and Team 7! Never stop reading!