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St. Mary's At Home Update

St. Mary's At Home Learning has almost finished its 9th week, and here are some screenshots of PE and other lessons, and comments we've received from parents. Thanks to everyone for their continued support during this challenging time.

At Home Learning in its 3rd Week

St. Mary's At Home Learning has proven to be a successful experience. We have received a lot of feedback from parents and we want to thank everyone for focusing on our AHL, ensuring that our students continue to strive.

When we have to move to At Home Learning!

Our St. Mary’s staff is enthusiastically focused on the challenges of At Home Learning and fully committed to making it a quality experience for our students. At Home Learning launches today and student work will be posted online every day.

ES Ski Trips!

The ES ski trips are in full swing. Our students get to spend a few days in the snow and stay at our very own St. Mary's ski lodge up in Tsumagoi. 

Grade 5 News

During quarter 2, Grade 5 have been learning all about explorers!  We have been reading about them in our complex nonfiction unit, writing about them in our research reports unit, and studying about explorers in social studies.

RP News

The RP boys have been working on their information writing and have completed a pattern book which we hope will be available to sell in the new year.