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Wrestling Team USA

It was a honor and great opportunity for St. Mary's to provide the school's wrestling mats for the USA Olympic wrestling team during their Olympic competition.

Olympic Bound!

We are proud to announce that two St. Mary's Graduates will be participating at the Olympic Games this summer.

Cardboard Sculptures

This week our atrium served as an art gallery to exhibit some wonderful and beautiful cardboard sculptures from our High School students.

Art Class During AHL

Middle School students have been working hard to develop their skills and understanding during AHL. They developed skills in color theory, digital art and drawing techniques by taking part in a series of mini art challenges.

Grade 7 Mask Art

Our Grade 7 students have been working hard to develop and explore a range of ceramic techniques to create these stunning and unique masks. They explored color theory and used joining, embossing and reductive carving techniques.

Tokyo Cityscapes

Grade 8 students have been working hard to develop and refine their acrylic painting skills to create these stunning Tokyo cityscapes. They explored color theory, and use of shape and line to create these dynamic compositions.


E.S. Robotics!

Our RP and Grade 1 students have been busy coding Dot Robots over the past few weeks. Watch out, Honda and Sony!

Musical Recorded!

This year's musical 'Spoon River' was recorded last weekend in the MPH. We cannot wait to show you the result, which will be available to watch online for three days. More information following soon!

MS Choir Recordings

The Middle School Choirs have been busy recording for the Middle School Choral Festival and the Spring Concert this week. They have done a fabulous job!

Musical Rehearsals

Members of the HS Musical have been practicing hard after school for the past few weeks. They are having dress rehearsals and are putting the final touches to their performance, which will be filmed this Saturday and Sunday.


Grade 8 English Class

Grade 8 English class had our students write essays for which they studied and compared dystopian novels.

Welcome Back & Beautiful Ceramics

Welcome back everyone! We hope you enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms around our campus! HS ceramics class students have been experimenting with ceramic glazing techniques including the sgraffito method, created these beautiful dishes using a range of mark-making techniques.

ES Mock Debate

A few weeks ago 5M held a mock debate in the classroom. One of the topics was the plastic bags ban: what are the pros and what are the cons?

Grade 6 Art Hokusai Inspiration

Grade 6 artists have been exploring and reimagining iconic Japanese landscapes inspired by the 36 views of Mount Fuji by the artist Katsushika Hokusai. They experimented using atmospheric perspective, creating tints, tones and shades and developing their acrylic painting skills.

Grade 5 Water Project

Grade 5 has been learning about the water crises around the world. They researched, presented their findings and experienced what it is like to walk a long distance to get water, and they have been raising funds to make donations.

Grade 4 Samurai

Grade 4 studied medieval Japan for their Social Studies unit, learning about its political system and creating a book of information about the Samurai, spending a whole day dressed as Samurai students and practicing battle techniques, meditation, strategy games & kendama skills.

Law of Diminishing Marginal Returns

Last week our Grade 12 Economics class took the opportunity of the great weather to go to the rooftop playground and demonstrate the law of diminishing marginal returns.

Sakura Medal Art Contest Winners

St. Mary's is proud to count 3 out of 8 Sakura Medal Art Contest Winners! Congratulations to our ES students James and Noah, and MS student Sehoon for creating these fantastic pieces of art!

ES Art Highlights

These stunning and original artworks were created by ES artists from Grades 2, 3 and 5. Our students explored diverse themes including the Tokyo cityscapes, polar landscapes and the work of the artist Paul Klee.