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Second Harvest Japan

Last December we sent 29 boxes to Second Harvest Japan “Adopt a Family” Program, which supports children living in low-income households. Thank you so much to everyone for all your support in making a difference in these children's lives!

E.S. Book Bowl

E.S. had a fantastic Book Bowl yesterday! The Kahoot! competition was very close. The top 3 were: 1st: Team 1 AlienZ (34,135 points) 2nd: Team 8 Secret Readers (31,643 points) 3rd: Team 9 Technical Readers (30,329 points) Congratulations & thank you to our teacher/staff helpers for their time!

High School IB Art Class

Our High School IB Art students went on location this week to sketch their surroundings. Edgar Degas once said: 'Drawing is not what one sees, but what one can make others see.'

Shadow Comparing in Science Class

Last week 5J ventured to the rooftop playground for their Science class to learn about our shadows and comparing them following the movement of the sun.

M.S. Students Conducting Investigations

Investigating history and understanding the historian's perspective is a lot like being a detective. You need to gather evidence, analyze the evidence, consider different perspectives, apply different methods and hopefully your investigation will produce a great extent of certainty...

Holly Thompson Virtual Visit

This week, Grade 5 had a virtual visit from Holly Thompson, the author of The Wakame Gatherers and many other books. They were able to listen to her presentation about narrative writing & ask a lot of questions. We're ready to write some fantastic stories this year!

MacBook Air Distribution

The MacBook Airs for Grade 6 were distributed yesterday. The students were very excited to set them up and start to work on them!