Guiding principles

  • Anyone who has ever attended St. Mary’s and is of the age of eighteen years or older is eligible to become a member of the Association.
  • The Association does not require its members to pay fees or dues to join but it may receive donations.
  • The Association represents St. Mary’s and must therefore carry out its affairs keeping in mind that the reputation and integrity of the school are top priorities.
  • The Association has not been established for the purpose of influencing school policies or practices but it may, from time to time, provide helpful suggestions and recommendations to the school.
  • The Association should never take a position or represent itself to the public on political and other socio-economic issues.
  • The Association should not be a vehicle to carry out the private interest of any individual or organization.
  • There will be a governing body organized in accordance with its by-laws that assures broad and fair alumni representation.
  • The Association shall carry out its affairs in a manner consistent to its mission statement.