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At St. Mary’s we seek to develop the whole child: academically, physically, socially, spiritually and morally. Our academic program is built on core subjects that challenge each student to achieve his maximum potential; our physical education program seeks to meet his growing physical needs through individual and group activities; and our Religion/Ethics program aims to nurture his spiritual dimensions in order to foster respect, tolerance and understanding.

RP students in a music class

In addition to the core subjects taught by homeroom teachers, St. Mary’s provides specialist teachers and an outstanding array of facilities. Students can experience painting, drawing, print-making, ceramics, sculpture, and vocal and instrumental music, as well as classes in Japanese language, computer, physical education and swimming. St. Mary’s elementary library and media center houses an impressive collection of books, periodicals and computer resources.

Our academic program is built on core subjects that challenge each student to achieve his maximum potential.

Elementary students study robotis
Students use games in learning
Students in the music classroom

St. Mary’s Elementary School gives its students the opportunity to acquire a high-quality education, meet new friends, and enjoy new experiences in an international setting. Administrators and faculty attempt to foster a spirit of Christian charity built upon mutual respect, and school programs facilitate the creation of this atmosphere.

Coding and Robotics in the Elementary School

Elementary School News

Student wearing Santa hat and earphones using iPad

Elementary students in St. Mary's took part in the Hour of Code. Students in St. Mary's start learning how to code in RP, which helps them develop 21st-century learning skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication and problem solving.

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