Dress Code

Dress Code — High School:

Neat, trimmed, and natural color. Facial hair must be neatly groomed. Hair must be kept out of eyes, and long hair must be tied back, not braided. Hats are not permitted except for safety, religious or cultural reasons.

Optional. Navy blue.

Optional. Plain navy-blue V-neck sweater.

A navy-blue school tie, which can be purchased at the school’s bookstore, properly knotted to the collar.

A plain, white dress shirt with either long or short sleeves. It should be clean, unwrinkled, and tucked in. Top buttons should be done up. White undershirts with no logo or design are to be worn underneath.

High School students show the school uniform

Medium or dark gray slacks. Should be clean and unwrinkled.

Clean, dark-colored shoes.

Solid navy-blue or black socks. No sports socks.

Solid, dark color.

No accessories. This includes headbands, sweat bands, necklaces, earrings, and piercing.

School uniform items may be purchased at Takashimaya in Yokohama. Please find the order form here.

Please note that senior students with full senior privilege may also wear:

  • suits and dress shirts of a conservative color, with a coordinated tie and a dress sweater or blazer
  • khakis are also allowed
High School students in St. Mary's hoodies

Warm-weather Uniform
The warm-weather uniform is worn from the beginning of the school year until the end of September, and from early May through the end of the school year in June.

The warm-weather uniform consists of a polo shirt or collared short-sleeve dress shirt, neat shorts, and athletic shoes of any color. No sandals or open-toed shoes.

Please take a conservative approach to dress. If you are uncertain about a particular article of clothing, please fall back on the regular dress code provided above.