School Uniform

New school uniform for 2021-22

In cooperation with the St. Mary’s Association, St. Mary’s International School has adopted a new uniform for the 2021-22 school year to improve consistency and presentation. After considering available options, we have selected Top of the Class, a domestic vendor which has worked with several international schools in Japan.

Top of the Class has produced this guide to the new school uniform, divided by school and season.

Please see these links from Top of the Class:

All ordering via the website is in English. Japanese language support is available by phone.

Required for 2021-22 yearbook picture day and other formal events

For the Middle School:

  • One long-sleeved white shirt (with school logo)
  • One solid navy tie

Additional items

Other items that need to be purchased individually are:

  • Black socks
  • Black belt
  • Black shoes

Shoes (sneakers/tennis shoes and dress shoes) should be all black. The soles and any logos should be solid black. No secondary colors are permitted.

Shoes that fit St. Mary’s guidelines

Grid of black shoes with green checkmarks

Shoes that do not fit St. Mary’s guidelines

Grid of shoes and red X's


Students should also have a backpack large enough to hold all needed school supplies: A4 folders, laptop, swimming bag, library books, snack, lunch and water bottle, as well as a jacket during cooler weather. No wheeled bags, please. Please see these examples:

Examples of backpacksExamples of backpacks


We recommend that you have your son’s first and last name on all his belongings, including jackets, trousers, ties, shorts, T-shirts, raincoat, umbrella, shoes, school bag, lunch box and pencil case.