Parents and Alumni are actively involved in supporting the school programs through their work as classroom volunteers, fund-raisers and participants in advisory groups.

School closings

In the event of school closing (for example during heavy snowfall or a typhoon), the announcement will be made via this website, the Families Mailing List (below), and on Twitter @SMISTokyo.

Families Mailing List

The Families Mailing List is the primary method of communication between school and parents. If you have not already registered your address with the Families Mailing List, please click here to register.

St. Mary’s Association — SMA

The SMA is a voluntary organization consisting of parents who volunteer their valuable time to organize fund-raising events which support the students and their activities. The organization is open to all parents to become involved, meet and make friends, plan and execute ways to raise funds to assist the different organizations and activities offered by the school. The three big SMA fund-raising events are: Bingo, International Ball and Boys Carnival.

Please read more about the SMA here.

SMA Newsletter

The Newsletter is a periodic publication of the St. Mary’s Association.

Please find the SMA Newsletters here.

Parent-Faculty Advisory Group — PFA

The PFA provides parents a unique opportunity to communicate with administrators and faculty in an open and informal atmosphere. The PFA contributes by serving the administration in an advisory role. All parents are welcome to attend the monthly meetings. A range of topics are discussed, such as school campus facilities, curriculum, the community at large, school calendar, etc.

Please read more about the PFA here.

St. Mary’s Alumni Association — SMAA

The SMAA is open to men who have attended St. Mary’s and who are of the age of eighteen years or older. It organizes several events throughout the year. Not only does it provide a channel of communication among the alumni but it also supports those students who are currently attending St. Mary’s.