Earthquake Emergency Measures

Everyone is aware that Japan is located within an earthquake belt and all precautions must be taken to meet any emergency that may arise.

St. Mary’s is concerned about the safety of the children under its care and we hope that this explanation will reassure parents that all possible precautions have been taken to ensure the security of their sons.

General Observations

Earthquakes last a very short time though there are often aftershocks, which are normally less severe than the original quake.

  1. Try to remain calm.
  2. Do not run in or out of buildings during or immediately after a quake and stay away from walls or high structures.
  3. Follow directions given by the civil authorities and if a quake happens during school hours, obey the orders given by the school authorities.
  4. Keep lines of communications clear (phone/roads).

During School Hours

If a quake occurs during school hours, students will be evacuated to the athletic field. Roll call will be taken immediately to account for all students. Then if needs be, we will go to the field where we keep everything needed in the disaster shed to take care of the students for as long as three days. Students will not be released until the parents come to take them home.

Please follow @SMISTokyo on Twitter for emergency information.

Outside School Hours — If Away from Home

  1. Follow directions given by the civil authorities who have trained personnel for emergencies.
  2. If you happen to be in the school area during an emergency, do not hesitate to take refuge on St. Mary’s playground. Stay away from high walls and structures that could tumble down. Faculty members living nearby will organize security and first aid measures.
  3. When civil authorities give the “All Clear Signal,” you should return home without delay. If a phone is available, notify your family that you are safe.

You are kindly asked to convey to your children the seriousness of a major quake and the necessity of following the instructions given by the school or some other authority.

On the School Buses

Our school buses are equipped with radios and the bus drivers can contact either the office or the other bus drivers at any point on their routes.

In case of an earthquake, the bus driver will stop the bus and, if necessary, will take the students to the nearest designated public evacuation spot. He will, of course, inform the office or the other drivers of his group’s situation.

Please follow @SMISTokyo on Twitter for updates about bus delays and emergency information.