Students at St. Mary’s are strongly encouraged to participate in our various sports activities. Sports are fun and offer the opportunity to develop skills, make lasting friendships, and learn the values of discipline and sportsmanship. They also promote physical fitness, competitiveness and school pride.

Most major sports such as swimming, baseball and basketball are introduced at the Elementary School level. On weekends, we offer ball hockey, soccer and tennis.

Members of the cross country team

In the Elementary School, students from 4th grade onwards also take part in an annual ski trip to St. Mary’s ski lodge in Gunma prefecture, as part of the regular academic program.

In the Middle School and High School, students begin to take part in inter-scholastic competitions spread across three seasons. St. Mary’s competes with other schools that are members of the Kanto Plain Association of Secondary School Principals (KPASSP). St. Mary’s teams — called the Titans — are competitive, winning many titles in the past several years.

Athletic competitions are not limited to the KPASSP. A few of our sports teams engage in friendly competitions with Japanese and non-KPASSP schools.

Athletics events

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Sep 27
Mon, Sep 28
Tue, Sep 29
Wed, Sep 30
Thu, Oct 1
Fri, Oct 2
Sat, Oct 3
MS Soccer vs St Maur
MS soccer vs CAJ
MS CC at Niiza Park
HS CC at Niiza Park
Sun, Oct 4
Mon, Oct 5
HS tennis vs KIST
Tue, Oct 6
Wed, Oct 7
Thu, Oct 8
Fri, Oct 9
HS CC Race at Kinuta
Sat, Oct 10
MS Soccer vs CAJ
Sun, Oct 11
Mon, Oct 12
Tue, Oct 13
Wed, Oct 14
MS soccer (B/A) at BST
Thu, Oct 15
Fri, Oct 16
HS CC at Ajinomoto
Sat, Oct 17
JV and Varsity Tennis at CAJ
MS Soccer vs ASIJ
Sun, Oct 18
Mon, Oct 19
Tue, Oct 20
JV Tennis vs CAJ
Wed, Oct 21
Thu, Oct 22
Varsity Tennis vs CAJ
JV-Varsity CC Race at Kinuta
Fri, Oct 23
Elementary students running on the athletic field
Students practicing basketball
Students in wrestling practice