Summer School

Dear all,

We are excited to announce that our summer school program will run in 2021! Due to the current COVID conditions, we will be exercising extreme caution to protect our students and staff.

Your child's health and safety, overall well-being and learning experiences remain our greatest priorities at St. Mary’s. We have implemented several safeguards that protect your child while they are attending summer school 2021. These include the three layers of protection (hand washing/sanitizing, mask-wearing and social distancing), temperature taking, elevated classroom/school cleaning protocols and much more. Our classrooms are continuously ventilated with outside air, and we have the ability to exchange the air in classrooms quickly due to our state of the art facilities. The only time students are unmasked is for about 15-20 minutes when they eat lunch silently in numerous classrooms across the campus.

We will also have to reduce the maximum number of summer school participants this year to allow us to better socially distance to protect everyone's health.

Kind regards,
Colleen Ashmore and Charles Myers

Our previous schedule can be found here